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Founded in 1990, ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. is a leading developer of digital forensics tools. The company offers state-of-the-art solutions for businesses, forensic and law enforcement specialists, provides training and consulting services on mobile and computer forensics. ElcomSoft forensic products and tools are used for criminal investigations by the law enforcement. Today, the company offers the complete range of mobile and computer forensic tools, corporate security solutions and tools for IT security audits.

ElcomSoft tools are used by most of the Fortune 500 corporations, multiple branches of the military all over the world, foreign governments, and all major accounting firms. ElcomSoft is a Microsoft Partner (Silver Application Development), Intel Premier Elite Partner and member of NVIDIA’s CUDA/GPU Computing Registered Developer Program.

ElcomSoft Desktop and Mobile Forensic Solutions

ElcomSoft mobile forensic solutions enable experts to gain access to password-protected, locked and encrypted information contained in a range of mobile devices and cloud services, stored in crypto containers or encrypted archives. Its mobile forensic tools help acquiring evidence stored in today's smartphones, while the company’s parented hardware-accelerated products can break passwords protecting files in a variety of formats. Finally, its unique desktop forensic solution allow investigators accessing information stored in secure BitLocker, FileVault 2, PGP Disk and TrueCrypt successors' containers.

ElcomSoft Password Recovery Tools

ElcomSoft is best known for its extensive range of password recovery tools, allowing government, corporate and private customers unlock valuable information protected with lost and forgotten passwords. ElcomSoft offers a range of consumer and enterprise-grade tools allowing its customers to gain information to password-protected documents, archives, and locked-out accounts in many popular products.

The company’s award-winning password recovery products employ a great number of proprietary and patented algorithms to allow users recovering even the most complex passwords faster. ElcomSoft’s deep knowledge and insight in information security allows many of its products to unlock password-protected information instantly, without referring to an attempt to guess the right password.

ElcomSoft pioneered many password recovery and information security technologies and algorithms. Its GPU acceleration technology offers an orders of magnitude increase of password recovery speed on supported video cards. This technology was awarded a patent by the U.S. Copyright Office, and delivers supercomputer-like performance on ordinary PCs.

The company’s zero-overhead distributed and cloud computing algorithms ensure unlimited scalability and linear performance growth in even the largest networks.

The company manufactures a variety of password recovery products for multitudes of file formats, products, and systems, including:

Our Innovations

ElcomSoft pioneered many password recovery and information security technologies and algorithms. Its inventions were recognized by the U.S. Copyright Office. The company obtained patents on numerous algorithms allowing ElcomSoft’s products to deliver the highest performance.

Our Patents

  • 7,599,492 - Fast cryptographic key recovery system and method
  • 7,783,046 - Probabilistic cryptographic key identification with deterministic result
  • 7,787,629 - Use of graphics processors as parallel math co-processors for password recovery
  • 7,809,130 - Password recovery system and method
  • 7,929,707 - Use of graphics processors as parallel math co-processors for password recovery
  • 8,538,030 - Use of graphics processors as parallel math co-processors for password recovery


Meet ElcomSoft during one of the upcoming events!

ElcomSoft actively participates in trade shows, IT security conferences and exhibitions. Its researchers often speak at DEF CON, Black Hat, Confidence 2.0 and other conventions. The company regularly participates in trade shows such as CEIC, EuroForensics, Forensics Europe Expo, CrimeLab, Cyber Intelligence Asia, CanSecWest and other events.

Endorsements and Certifications

ElcomSoft is a Microsoft Partner (Silver Application Development) and Intel Premier Elite Partner and member of NVIDIA's CUDA/GPU Computing Registered Developer Program.

Designed for nVidia CUDA ATI Stream support Enhanced of Intel Core

ElcomSoft is an acknowledged expert in the password/system recovery and forensics market. The company’s technological achievements and opinion leadership is quoted in many authoritative publications such as ”Microsoft Encyclopedia of Security, The art of deception” (Kevin Mitnick), IT Auditing: Using Controls to Protect Information Assets (Chris Davis), Hacking exposed (Stuart McClure).

ElcomSoft products have become a de-facto industry-standard. They are studied in training sessions, and are covered in textbooks. Our products are part of the Certified Ethical Hacker initiative, a program that certifies the skills of security officers and consultants, auditors, site administrators, and professionals concerned about information security and the integrity of the network infrastructure.

Government & Commercial Registrations

D-U-N-S® Number: 813297731
NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE, also CAGE) code: 162FG
System for Award Management (SAM): Visit http://www.sam.gov and enter our NCAGE or DUNS number.

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